How to Maintain Your Classic Car

If you have invested in the classic car of your dreams, you want to ensure that it is kept in tip-top condition all year round. Classic cars need more maintenance and nurture than modern cars, and if they are not being driven regularly, then this can be an onerous task.
Essentially, the more time and effort you put into taking care of your motor, the longer it will last, its value hold better and you can take more enjoyment from it for years to come.

Get Regular Checks & Services

As you would with your runaround vehicle, make sure that you put your classic car into a garage for regular checks and maintenance. Having an expert cast their eye over it regularly will help to ensure that problems are discovered before they become major (and expensive) jobs to put right. Find yourself a specialist in classics, or your particular model, that you trust.

Top up Fluids

Plenty of fluids are needed to keep your classic performing. That includes engine oil, coolant and fuel. Make sure you check your levels frequently and top up as and when required to avoid condensation and mould, spot any leaks and keep your car temperatures running safely.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your car regularly and using the right products will help ensure that your paintwork looks vibrant and protect it from any erosion or damage. Even if you don’t think your car looks dirty, it is an important part of the maintenance process to give it a good clean inside, outside and underneath to keep it looking good at all times. If you have the time, you can do this yourself, but you may wish to book it in with a specialist detailer at least once a year to ensure that it gets a full service.

Keep it Moving

If you have a classic car that doesn’t get much drive-time, it is crucial to make sure that you are firing up the engine and taking it out for a short drive every month – even if it is just around your local streets or up and down your driveway. This will stop the tyres from deforming by sitting static for long periods of time and will give you peace of mind that the engine is working OK.

Re-Charge the Battery

Batteries on classics can lose power if they are not being used regularly or if they get too cold during the winter. It is a sensible idea to charge the battery before Spring, or before you know that you will be using your car more frequently again. You could consider using a trickle charger, which plugs into your mains and keeps your car battery topped up by lightly charging constantly.

Store It Safely

Make sure that you are storing your car somewhere secure, clean, and free from damp. If possible, keep your classic car somewhere temperature controlled to avoid the car overheating or getting too cold. There are car storage specialists to consider if you do not have a suitable space on your property.

If you have any concerns over the condition of your car or want some specialist guidance on how to maintain the carpet, leather and interior fabrics of your classic car, then please speak to the Unrivalled Team who can guide you on what is best and discuss the products that we recommend.

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